Muntons Connoisseurs Range YORKSHIRE BITTER


Authentic Yorkshire Brew: Immerse yourself in the flavors of North East England with a Yorkshire Bitter beer kit that captures the essence of the region’s classic brews.
Deep Amber Color: Admire the visually appealing deep amber hue of this Yorkshire Bitter, a testament to its rich and robust character.
Low Hop Levels and Medium Malt Composition: Experience a well-balanced beer with gentle hop notes and a medium malt presence, harmonizing flavors for a satisfying taste profile.
Approximate ABV of 4.6%: Savour the perfect balance of flavor and drinkability, making this Yorkshire Bitter versatile and enjoyable.
23 Liters Yield: Enjoy an abundance of Yorkshire Bitter with this kit, providing you with 66 bottles or 23 liters to share and savor.
Crafted in Europe: Relish the assurance of a high-quality European product that honors brewing traditions and delivers authentic Yorkshire Bitter flavors.
Original Gravity (OG) Range: Appreciate meticulous attention to detail with the precise OG range, resulting in a well-balanced and authentic Yorkshire Bitter experience.