Edge Master Ceramic Combination 400/1000 Grit

Edge Master has created a range of knife sharpeners to suit all your needs. Keep your favourite kitchen knives razor sharp with the Edge Master Ceramic Combination Stone.

The 400/1000 grit is ideal to repair damaged edges and resharpen dull knives. Flip over to use the medium 1000 grit for resharpening of your dull knives. Choose the grit based on your knife’s condition.

Just make sure to keep the stone’s surface wet while sharpening. After use clean the surface of the whetstone but don’t remove the powder build up as that helps sharpen the knife. Leave to dry in a well ventilated area.


Combination whetstone
400/1000 grit
Coarse and medium grit
400 Grit: use to sharpen extrememly blunt knives or damaged edges
1000 Grit: use for resharpening and removing burrs
Packaged in a box
Measures: 21x7x2.8cm