THE HOG+ Cleaver Salumi cabinet


The ultimate CLEAVER. Loads of hanging space and capable of curing two shelves of prosciutto.
NOW with Dry Ageing function.

Our CLEAVER Plus collection are the world’s first to truly offer Salumi Curing and Dry Ageing within the one cabinet.

The new features and functions include:
New minimum temperature setting of 0°C
New larger control panel casing with strip LED light
UVC light and UV air filtration system
Enclosed stainless steel humidifier box in the base of the cabinet
Easy to move and clean shelving system
Prosciutto hanging bar
Larger drip tray/salt block tray

Height: 1805mm
Width: 595mm
Depth: 680mm
Weight: 95kg
Volume: 450L
Meat capacity: up to 70kg
(maximum batch size <35kg) Humidity Range: 60% to 90% Temperature Range: 0°C to 25°C Shelves: Four (46cm x 53cm)