Create your own sausages at home with the Avanti® Sausage Maker. Ideal for serving up a small batch of your handcrafted creations it comes with 3 different sized plastic nozzles (15/19/22mm) that make different thicknesses of sausage. Constructed from durable Aluminium it features a suction base which allows it to be used on any smooth table top or any work bench surface. Easy to use, simply fill the cylindrical chamber with your sausage mix, attach your chosen nozzle, place the casing over the nozzle and slowly turn the handle for even and smooth sausages.

1kg Capacity
Durable Aluminium construction
3 nozzles allow for 3 different thicknesses of sausages – 15mm, 19mm and 22mm diameter
Suction base to ensure secure grip
1. Hand wash thoroughly before first use.
2. Place Avanti® Sausage Maker on a flat surface.
3. Install the crank handle onto the rear of the spiral spindle and fasten with the nut provided.
4. Remove front screw ring.
5. Rotate the crank handle anti-clockwise to move the force disk to the back of the chamber.
6. Fill the cylindrical chamber with your sausage filling.
7. Choose one of the three nozzles and insert into the nozzle base until secured in place.
8. Insert the chosen nozzle base with nozzle through the back of the screw ring and attach the screw ring to the front of the Sausage Maker.
9. Place the Sausage Maker in an appropriate position on your work surface and secure in place by rotating the lever. Ensure there is no movement.
10. Ensure that the crank handle is not obstructed in any way.
11. Place sausage casing onto the nozzle.
12. Rotate the handle clockwise to compress the sausage filling through the chamber and for the filling to flow through to the nozzle.
Hand wash in warm soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not use abrasive cleaners.