Ginger powder (or ground ginger) is a delicious spice that has a magnificent aromatic scent and offers amazing flavours to an array of yummy dishes. Traditionally found in Asian cuisines and used to flavour stir-fries, meat, fish and vegetable dishes which gives this amazing spice credibility! Ginger powder can also be used and combined into an array of yummy desserts such as, gingerbread men, cakes, muffins, cookies, biscuits and even used to flavour heartwarming teas! Ginger not only tastes great and enhances the flavours of dishes, but also contains many health-promoting benefits, which contribute greatly to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In herbal medicines ginger has been found to relieve stress levels and detoxify the body due to its therapeutic properties, including antioxidants, which have an ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory within the body!